Convex geometric analysis

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My publication list and most online available papers can be viewed here: papers.

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In Pdf format my publication list is here: publist with slightly different numbering than above, because of some TAU regulations. A few on-line lectures of mine are available here: Entropy increases at every step , Viterbo's conjecture implies Mahler's , On Weighted covering numbers. This fall I am an undergrad course called convex bodies in high dimensions.

Contact Info:. Office: Schreiber Threshold Intervals under Group Symmetries.

Living on the edge: A geometric theory of phase transitions in convex optimization

On a Generalization of the BusemannPetty Problem. Isotropic Constants of Schatten Class Spaces.

Topics in Convex Geometric Analysis and Discrete Tomography

Polytope Approximations of the Unit Ball of. Metric Entropy of the Grassmann Manifold.

  1. Geometric analysis of the condition of the convex feasibility problem?
  2. Abstract and Applied Analysis.
  3. Lyric Tragedy;
  4. An Extremal Property of the Regular Simplex. Gowers zero. Convex Geometric Analysis Keith M.

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