How to Interpret Your Dreams

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Romantic Interest: What does it mean when you dream about someone? If you see an ex in a dream, it may mean you still have unresolved feelings about the relationship. A crush may be your subconscious manifesting your desires. Running: Being chased in a dreams is one of the most common dreams. It often signifies something that we are trying to escape from in our waking life. Teeth: Losing teeth in a dream? This is a common nightmare. It signifies a fear of aging and a loss of attractiveness. Tornadoes: Tornadoes represent emotional outbursts and self-destructive behavior.

Vehicles: Boats, cars and bicycles signifies that you are ready to move on from something that has held you back. Zombies: A zombie can signify that you are feeling stagnant, stressed or emotionally detached from others. Fighting zombies can signify that you are successfully overcoming issues from your past.

What kind of snake was in my dream? A python? A rattlesnake? Was it peaceful, or frightening? Where was the snake? What do I associate with snakes? Do I have any memories involving real snakes? Did anyone in my family tell me a story that involved snakes? Dreams can be awesome, but nightmares can be seriously traumatic. Here are some of the most common causes of bad dreams:. Cheese: It turns out that your mom was right — eating cheese before bed can give you nightmares!

This is where psychology comes in. Analysts like Freud and Jung believed that our dreams can be decoded to reveal our own secret thoughts and desires. Other psychologists believe that several common symbols and motifs within your dream have distinct meanings. Have you dreamed of any of these symbols? Bears - a sleeping bear means you must do some introspection. Death - Dreaming about the death of a loved one; you want to embody a trait this loved one represents or have unresolved feelings about them.

Dreaming of your own death; a transition and new beginning. Falling - A slow fall indicates that you are letting go of something. Scary falling indicates that you feel something is out of your control. Food - Food symbolizes emotional nourishment and energy. Meat represents primal desire, vegetables represent health, and fruit represents sensuality.

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Mice - Mice signify that you are spending too much time on insignificant problems. Nudity - Your own; you feel vulnerable and judged. Others; anxiety about getting to know someone. School - Dreaming about taking a test or returning to school is common. It signifies that we need to learn from our past. Sex - Sex in dreams can be an outlet for desire, but it can also represent a need to take care of the parts of ourself that we neglect. Spiders - A spider can represent the trickster, or a feeling of being an outsider.

A spider spinning a web can represent hard work that will pay off. Snakes - What does it mean if you dream about snakes? A peaceful snake may represent healing, transformation and knowledge.

How to Actually Interpret Your Dreams

Romantic Interest: What does it mean when you dream about someone? If you see an ex in a dream, it may mean you still have unresolved feelings about the relationship. Which room you dream about makes a difference in terms of the meaning of this dream. Another negative dream. Dreaming about killing people can either be the result of too many violent video games, violent films, or suppressed anger. None of the above are good, and you should pay very close attention to this dream.

This can either be positive or negative. Most of us want more money so that we can enjoy life more, and do the things we really want to do. There are ways of doing this without having to have more money, but for most of us more money means more fun and pleasure in life.

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So to dream about money might just mean that you want that bit extra so you can finally do those things you want like take that holiday or buy that new car. It can sometimes mean that you just want power, which is not always a good thing. Our bodies are wired to want food, shelter, love and sex. This is a good one to dream about because you can turn it into a lucid sex dream , which is MUCH more fun. Falling dreams are super common among people of all ages.

Dream Interpretation

We all fear being embarrassed in front of the larger tribe society and so being naked in public is sadly a common dream. Pay attention to how often you have this dream, and think about ways you can reduce the amount you worry. We all want to meet our idols. The things we think about often become what we dream about among other things.

What do your dreams really mean?

So for lots of people celebrity dreams are very common. Nobody likes being late. Usually being lost in a dream denotes being anxious or scared. Pregnancy in a dream usually denotes being ready to give birth to something new in your life. It can also denote being scared of taking on new responsibilities, as children often are linked with a high level of responsibility.

This is personal for everyone. If you dream about your most secret desire, it can usually just mean that you WANT that thing, whatever it is.

This is all about control. When they eventually do try and change they set goals in the wrong way, so nothing happens. This means that lots of people have this dream of being frozen on the spot, trying to run but just sliding around on the ground.

Floods usually refer to emotions. Water is a very reactive thing when in dreams. Some would argue that every dream has a meaning, and to SOME degree it does, but films are usually different. The most common films to dream about are horror films, or superhero films.

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This is less of a dream and more of an experience, but we all get sleep paralysis every night. Sometimes, part of our brain wakes up during sleep paralysis, and this experience can be very scary. Some people also report feelings of being punched or having someone on top of them. This experience has also been called the sleep paralysis demon which LOTS of people have experienced. Historically, snakes have been linked to lies in the bible and throughout history.

Spiders are probably one of the most commonly feared insects or animals along with snakes and wasps. After a while you start to get used to is and become less scared of it. Wasps are pretty annoying at the best of times. Wasps can be pretty scary for people and especially the bigger more aggressive hornets and things like that.

Be careful with this one, and if you keep dreaming about wasps, think about what in your life could be annoying you or making you angry. Dogs are a mixed one. Some people LOVE dogs and have very fond memories and thoughts linked with them, whereas others are terrified of dogs and always dream about being chased by them or even bitten. This is one of two things. Earlier in life, we more commonly wet the bed and associate it with being bad or embarrassing. In lucid dreams, you can learn to control the flying dream even more , and stabilise the dream to make it feel even better.

Fire is usually bad, and uncontrollable. To dream about fire can mean anger, passion or even destruction. Books are strongly linked with intelligence and knowledge in almost every culture around the world. Try reading every night, which is actually a good way to lucid dream more.

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Most Common Dreams And Their MEANINGS: Dream Interpretation

By reading and learning new things, you improve the chances of becoming lucid. Ants are tiny, and usually annoying. Crying dreams are often an outlet for repressed emotions and feelings. Not everyone cries or even CAN cry in waking life, and so dreams are sometimes a way to release emotions and feelings that have been bottled up.

Dreaming about a dead relative is a way of your mind just getting some closure or even just seeing the person. Often we think about them during daily life and wish we could see them again, and so our dreams just do that for us. Often our brains revisit old memories from time to time in our dreams. The best solution is to literally either get in contact with your ex and resolve it, OR have a lucid dream and resolve it there.

The idea of some strange rummaging around downstairs in the middle of the night is scary. To stop these types of dreams, just stop watching TV.