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April 18, 2009

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for: Close. BBC Books After the Movie came out the BBC decided that it would not continue its license with Virgin publishing and so in began publishing two lines of books that followed similar formats to the Virgin Missing and New Adventures.

There's also very little characterization of just about anyone. The book's only saving grace is that five-eighths of the way through the adventure there's a big time jump and then things get a fair amount more exciting. But, this one is more like 2. Jul 07, Maj rated it it was ok. Stream of consciousness review: Well, reading this book was a bit of a battle. Some passages were tedious and never-ending, some were a quick read. I'm not sure if I'm down with this series describing the Eight as tall.

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel): The Doctor Who Novel Rankings

Not all Doctors are tall, certainly not the first 2 ones, definitely not Seven. Eight is on par with First, a bit sub-average. No shame in that. But why would you call him tall - now, th Stream of consciousness review: Well, reading this book was a bit of a battle. But why would you call him tall - now, this is something that started probably already in the first book, but I liked that one a lot, so this niggle only comes up now.

Doctor Who? The Wilderness Years Part Two

Why did I find Sam more annoying in this book than previously? Her characterisation hasn't changed much, I don't think, but towards the end I found myself hoping she wouldn't make it out of this alive. This novel was trying to perhaps be too many things at once: a neo-noir thriller, a sci-fi, a Who book - and a werewolf book. And for me it didn't gel very well. Hoping for the quality to pick up further down the line of this series.

I love Eight, so I'll keep on going. View 2 comments. Nov 05, Samuel Rooke rated it it was ok Shelves: books-read-in Following up Alien Bodies was always going to be a monumental task. Two werewolves, and a giant digger. Jun 08, Christopher Buchanan rated it it was ok Shelves: doctor-who , eighth-doctor-adventures.

The story to this could have been quite enjoyable so long as you try not to expect it to be anything more than a Doctor Who story about werewolves. I mean, werewolves.

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Come on, right? How much can you expect, really? But anyway, some serious writing glitches just took me completely out of it. First off, there were some really confusing transitions. The setting or situation would just change very suddenly without much to mark it and I would find myself rereading trying to sort it. Secondly, there The story to this could have been quite enjoyable so long as you try not to expect it to be anything more than a Doctor Who story about werewolves.

Secondly, there are a lot of terribly incongruous conversations in this book. Like Sam suddenly discussing her daddy issues with a virtual stranger in the middle of a planning session for a terrorist cell. Or the Doctor and Cockpaine having a slow, calm, casual conversation over a massive bomb that they need defuse when they don't even know how much time they have. Or, when the Doctor and Kijitzl are having another casual, lighthearted conversation while trying to elude a bunch of wolves.

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For some reason the author seemed to want to do all his character building in the middle of action scenes and important moments. There were some other issues too like why would you set a massive bomb to blow up an excavation site and then set it to go off like a day later and then leave it unattended.

And finally, when they're going to all this trouble to cover up and deny the existence of the Jax in the first place and go so far as to blow up their sites, how the hell and why the hell do they have history exhibits about the Jax 15 years later? There's a whole lot of sloppiness dragging down a story that was probably destined for mediocrity to begin with. Jun 15, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: doctor-who , eighth-doctor-adventures.

After the trainwreck that was Alien Bodies, this was a wonderful change of pace. Kursaal is an unfortunate-named book -- the name is the planet-sized themepark being built during the majority of the novel -- but the story was quite fun. Kursaal introduces a Monster of the Week straight out of Earth mythology; and I for one am quite pleased to see werewolves added to the Doctor Who mythos.

And as appropriate for a story about good horror movie fare, the body count is quite high. I admit, I have re After the trainwreck that was Alien Bodies, this was a wonderful change of pace. I admit, I have read few horror novels, so I am sure that no true fan of the genre would consider this a member, but for a Doctor Who novel I feel it does a good job of nodding to said genre. There's little I can really say about this novel without having to click the Hide Review button for spoilers, but suffice it to say the whole thing was a fun ride.

No pun intended. Apr 08, Nicholas Whyte rated it it was ok. But if you like Doctor Who and you like werewolf stories you'll probably like this one.

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Aug 11, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: review , doctor-who. Fairly enjoyable romp that somehow manages to maintain a dark and dangerous mood alongside the usual frivolous antics of this Doctor. Security chief Kadijk almost steals the show and Sam isn't quite as annoying as usual. The Jax are an interesting stab at putting a new slant on the old werewolf legend. I'm still waiting for a truly outstanding Eighth Doctor tale in this range and Kursaal isn't it but it's better than much of the competition to date.

May 30, Angela rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , doctor-who.


Eighth Doctor Adventures

During the course of the book, the Doctor is seen indulging into a number of unwanted events that cause nothing more than trouble to him and Rose Tyler. In the end, they somehow manage to find the Tardis and fly back from there to a safe place. It was also published in the year and features the main characters Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor. The story of this novel shows that Rose and Doctor are taken to the Justicia System by their space ship Tardis.

Publication Order of Doctor Who New Adventures Books

Later, they find that this system is actually a prison camp and comprises of 6 planets in its solar system. As they enter into the prison camp, they get separated and then trapped in a number of different environments. They show a great deal of determination in trying to escape from the prison camp and use their own distinct styles for doing so.

But, their plans become complicated when a few of their older enemies show up in the middle of their struggle for freedom. During this whole time, the Doctor wonders whether the Siltheens are really trying to takeover the Justicia System or there is something more sinister happening in prison camp. Whatever it is that is happening around them, the Doctor and Tyler decide to get to the bottom of it and set the things right in the Justicia System before making an escape from there. This book was the first one among the Ninth Doctor novels that took place away from the Earth.

Apart from the main characters, this book also features the one more family similar to the race of the Blathereen and the Slitheen living on the new planet.

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