Robust Methods and Asymptotic Theory in Nonlinear Econometrics

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The Oxford handbook of applied nonparametric and semiparametric econometrics and statistics by Jeffrey Scott Racine Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 20 WorldCat member libraries worldwide This volume, edited by Jeffrey Racine, Liangjun Su, and Aman Ullah, contains the latest research on nonparametric and semiparametric econometrics and statistics. These data-driven models seek to replace the "classical" parametric models of the past, which were rigid and often linear. Chapters by leading international econometricians and statisticians highlight the interface between econometrics and statistical methods for nonparametric and semiparametric procedures.

They provide a balanced view of new developments in the analysis and modeling of applied sciences with cross-section, time series, panel, and spatial data sets. The major topics of the volume include: the methodology of semiparametric models and special regressor methods; inverse, ill-posed, and well-posed problems; different methodologies related to additive models; sieve regression estimators, nonparametric and semiparametric regression models, and the true error of competing approximate models; support vector machines and their modeling of default probability; series estimation of stochastic processes and some of their applications in Econometrics; identification, estimation, and specification problems in a class of semilinear time series models; nonparametric and semiparametric techniques applied to nonstationary or near nonstationary variables; the estimation of a set of regression equations; and a new approach to the analysis of nonparametric models with exogenous treatment assignment.

Samenleving en onderzoek Book 1 edition published in in Dutch and held by 20 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Asymptotic theory of integrated conditional moment tests by Herman J Bierens Book 4 editions published in in English and held by 14 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Asymptotic power of the integrated conditional moment test against global and large local alternatives by Werner Ploberger Book 5 editions published in in English and held by 14 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Nonlinear models Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 11 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The relation between unemployment and interest rate : some empirical evidence by Herman J Bierens Book 6 editions published between and in English and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Verschillen in personeelssterkte bij gemeenten : een modelmatige benadering by R. L Giebels Book 1 edition published in in Dutch and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Specificatie-analyse in de econometrie by Herman J Bierens Book 2 editions published in in Dutch and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. M Meijering Book 1 edition published in in Dutch and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Nonexistence of global solutions for the semilinear Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation in the conservative case. Towards humane digitization: a wellbeing-driven process of personas creation.

Supports in Lipschitz-free spaces and applications to extremal structure. Almost optimal classical approximation algorithms for a quantum generalization of Max-Cut. Direct constraints on ultra-light boson mass from searches for continuous gravitational waves. Exploring ways to incorporate additional knowledge to improve Natural Language Commonsense Question Answering. Testing the robustness of attribution methods for convolutional neural networks in MRI-based Alzheimer's disease classification.

A note on the quasiconvex Jensen divergences and the quasiconvex Bregman divergences derived thereof. Assembly of randomly placed parts realized by using only one robot arm with a general parallel-jaw gripper. Van Kampen Theorem for persistent fundamental group and Interleaving. Challenging deep image descriptors for retrieval in heterogeneous iconographic collections. Diagonalization of the finite Hilbert transform on two adjacent intervals: the Riemann-Hilbert approach.

A numerical method for Hadamard finite-part integrals with an integral power singularity at an endpoint.

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Understanding the Information needs of Social Scientists in Germany. Diagnostics of collisions between electrons and water molecules in near-ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. Modeling and simulation of heat source trajectories through phase-change materials. Closing the gap to convergence of gravitoturbulence in local simulations.

Shape optimization for interface identification in nonlocal models. A. J. Hermans - Theory / Economics: Books

Blow-up for Strauss type wave equation with damping and potential. Finite-Volume approximation of the invariant measure of a viscous stochastic scalar conservation law. Reinforced limit of a MEMS model with heterogeneous dielectric properties.

Predicting long-term publication impact through a combination of early citations and journal impact factor. Nonlinear deterministic-chaotic collapse model -- preliminaries, philosophy, locality. Magnetic chirality controlled by the interlayer exchange interaction. The Newton polytope of the discriminant of a quaternary cubic form.

Broadband and robust adiabatic second-harmonic generation by a temperature gradient in birefringently phase-matched lithium triborate crystal. On the observability of relative positions in left-invariant multi-agent control systems and its application to formation control. On the inexistence of self-gravitating solitons in generalised axion electrodynamics.

Confined electron states in two-dimensional HgTe in magnetic field: Quantum-dot versus quantum-ring behavior. Direct construction of optimized stellarator shapes. Omnigenity near the magnetic axis. Non-smooth variational regularization for processing manifold-valued data.

Light-sheet imaging for the recording of transverse absolute density distributions of gas-phase particle-beams from nanoparticle injectors. Hierarchical quantum master equation approach to vibronic reaction dynamics at metal surfaces. Multiple retrograde substructures in the Galactic halo: A shattered view of Galactic history. Gamow-Teller excitations at finite temperature: competition between pairing and temperature effects. The generalized hardness-intensity diagram for black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries.

Predicting the phase diagram of titanium dioxide with random search and pattern recognition. Rashba-splitting of the Dirac points and the symmetry breaking in the strained artificial graphene. Second-order cone representable slices of the positive semidefinite cone of size three.

Interminiband absorption in a quantum ring superlattice in magnetic field with periodic vector potential. Lifetimes and quantum efficiencies of quantum dots deterministically positioned in photonic-crystal waveguides. VRO Branching random walk with infinite progeny mean: a tale of two tails. Geometry induced entanglement in a mass-imbalanced few-fermion system. Centre to limb brightness variations from ALMA full disk solar images. Bivariate Kolchin-type dimension polynomials of non-reflexive prime difference-differential ideals.

The case of one translation. Coisotropic Hofer-Zehnder capacities of convex domains and related results. Thermal rectification and interface thermal resistance in hybrid pillared-graphene and graphene: A molecular dynamics approach. Robust time-varying formation design for multi-agent systems with disturbances: Extended-state-observer method. Analysis of a single-mode waveguide at sub-terahertz frequencies as a communication channel. Impact of novel aggregation methods for flexible, time-sensitive EHR prediction without variable selection or cleaning.

Non-minimal matter geometry coupling with linearly varying deceleration parameter in FRW space-time. Automated detection of oral pre-cancerous tongue lesions using deep learning for early diagnosis of oral cavity cancer. Collective sampling through a Metropolis-Hastings like method: kinetic theory and numerical experiments. Two loop QCD amplitudes for di-pseudo scalar production in gluon fusion. Branch prediction related Optimizations for Multithreaded Processors. Asymptotic behavior of dispersive electromagnetic waves in bounded domains. Angular characterization of spin-orbit torque and thermoelectric effects.

Applicability of molecular statics simulation to partial dislocations in GaAs. Designing large pixelated CdTe detection planes for hard X-ray transients detection. Systoles and Lagrangians of random complex algebraic hypersurfaces. Impact of the Hall effect in star formation : improving the angular momentum conservation.

Growing fluctuation of quantum weak invariant and its connection to dissipation. On the baryon-color-flavor BCF anomaly in vector-like theories. Discrete star formation events in the central Bar of the Small Magellanic Cloud. An asymmetric elastic metamaterial model for elastic wave cloaking. Approximately symbolic models for a class of continuous-time nonlinear systems.

WF-holonomicity of C-exp-class distributions on non-archimedean local fields. On the im possibility of Casimir repulsion between Chern-Simons surfaces. Electron energy partition across interplanetary shocks: II.

A steady Euler flow on the 3-sphere and its associated Faddeev-Skyrme solution. Reduction of radiative lifetime and slow-timescale spectral diffusion in InGaN polarized single-photon sources. Dust destruction by the reverse shock in the clumpy supernova remnant Cassiopeia A based on hydrodynamic simulations.

Look, Read and Enrich. Learning from Scientific Figures and their Captions. High resistive unipolar-electrical and fs-optical switching in a single-layer antiferromagnetic memory. Diffusion-inspired time-varying phosphorescent decay in nanostructured environment. Universal scaling of the velocity field in crack front propagation. Evidence for a highly opaque large-scale galaxy void at the end of reionization.

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A Quantitative Approach. Supersolid stripe crystal from finite-range interactions on a lattice. Problem Structures in the Theory and Practice of Superiorization. Enhanced adiabatic index for hot neutron-rich matter from microscopic nuclear forces. Detecting social in stability in primates from their temporal co-presence network. Pattern formation by droplet evaporation and imbibition in watercolor paintings. Characterizing the phase diagram of finite-size dipolar Bose-Hubbard systems.

Tomographic measurement of the intergalactic gas pressure through galaxy-tSZ cross-correlations. Entropy stable reduced order modeling of nonlinear conservation laws. On the metric geometry of the space of compact balls and the shooting property for length spaces. Asymptotic behaviour of Christoffel--Darboux kernel via three-term recurrence relation I. Strong coupling of two individually controlled atoms via a nanophotonic cavity. Stochastic properties of the frequency dynamics in real and synthetic power grids. Improving inference for nonlinear state-space models of animal population dynamics given biased sequential life stage data.

Efficient evaluation of Pauli strings with entangled measurements. Analyticity for rapidly determined properties of Poisson Galton--Watson trees. Bi-graded Koszul modules, K3 carpets, and Green's conjecture. Prediction of overall survival and molecular markers in gliomas via analysis of digital pathology images using deep learning. Global regularity for solutions of the three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation with almost two dimensional initial data.

Non-Hermitian exceptional Landau quantization in electric circuits. Minimization of non common path aberrations at the Palomar telescope using a self-coherent camera. Skyrmions and spin waves in frustrated ferromagnets at low applied magnetic field. On reconstruction algorithms for signals sparse in Hermite and Fourier domains. Pilot Survey: Clump Fragmentation.

Cosmic dissonance: new physics or systematics behind a short sound horizon? Hydrodynamical charge density wave description for transport in the strange metal phase of cuprates.

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Thermodynamical properties of a noncommutative anti-de Sitter-Einstein-Born-Infeld spacetime from gauge theory of gravity. Microwave induced tunable subharmonic steps in superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor Josephson junction. Molecular clouds in the Cosmic Snake normal star-forming galaxy 8 billion years ago. Anomalous Hall effect in chiral superconductors from impurity superlattices. What is the amplitude of the Gravitational Waves background expected in the Starobinski model? Calculating the 5-loop QED contribution to the electron anomalous magnetic moment: graphs without lepton loops.

Validating the methodology for constraining the linear growth rate from clustering anisotropies. Q-factor and bandwidth of periodic antenna arrays over ground plane. Introducing strong correlation effects into graphene by gadolinium intercalation. Dust Emission. Auto-tuning of double dot devices in situ with machine learning.

Robust statistical modeling of monthly rainfall: The minimum density power divergence approach. Size-selected polyynes synthesized by submerged arc discharge in water. Non-degenerate parametric amplifiers based on dispersion engineered Josephson junction arrays. EHT constraint on the ultralight scalar hair of the M87 supermassive black hole. Noncommutative rational functions invariant under the action of a finite solvable group.

Influence of toroidal flow on stationary density of collisionless plasmas. Option pricing under normal dynamics with stochastic volatility. A scalable noisy speech dataset and online subjective test framework. Uncertainties of calculated coincidence-summing correction factors in gamma-ray spectrometry. Understanding truncated non-commutative geometries through computer simulations. First industrial-grade coherent fiber link for optical frequency standard dissemination.

Equilibrium radiation in a plasma medium with spatial and frequency dispersion. Higher-order interactions in complex networks of phase oscillators promote abrupt synchronization switching. High contrast dual-mode optical and 13C magnetic resonance imaging in diamond particles.

Deterministic algorithms for the Lovasz Local Lemma: simpler, more general, and more parallel.

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From the Internet of Information to the Internet of Intelligence. High-speed and high-resolution interrogation of FBG sensors using wavelength-to-time mapping and Gaussian filters. Longitudinal structural connectomic and rich-club analysis in adolescent mTBI reveals persistent, distributed brain alterations acutely through to one year post-injury. Optical communications-based platform uses Uni-Travelling-Carrier Photodiode for ultra-high resolution software-defined THz spectroscopy and reveals LiYF4:Ho intrinsic spectral line shape.

A model for plasma-neutral fluid interaction and its application to a study of CT formation in a magnetised Marshall gun. Surface alignment disorder and pseudo-Casimir forces in smectic-A liquid crystalline films. Mad families of vector subspaces and the smallest nonmeager set of reals. Prototype operations of atmospheric calibration devices for the Cherenkov Telescope Array.

Asymptotic efficiency in high-dimensional covariance estimation – V. Koltchinskii – ICM2018

Characterization of atmospheric properties at the future sites of the Cherenkov Telescope Array. What matters, context or sentiment?


Worst-case complexity bounds of directional direct-search methods for multiobjective derivative-free optimization. Inference on the change point with the jump size near the boundary of the region of detectability in high dimensional time series models. Reduced Hall carrier density in the overdoped strange metal regime of cuprate superconductors. Symmetry breaking in interacting ring-shaped superflows of Bose-Einstein condensates. Partial data inverse problems for semilinear elliptic equations with gradient nonlinearities.

Shaping nonlinear optical response using nonlocal forward Brillouin interactions. How auto- and cross-correlations in link dynamics influence diffusion in non-Markovian temporal networks. Extracting evidence of supplement-drug interactions from literature. The Pristine Survey -- VI. The first three years of medium-resolution follow-up spectroscopy of Pristine EMP star candidates. Thermalization of entangling power with arbitrarily weak interactions. MUSEpack -- a Python package to analyze the kinematics of young star clusters. BGnet: Accurate and rapid background estimation in single-molecule localization microscopy with deep neural nets.

Periodic trajectories of ellipsoidal billiards in the 3-dimensional Minkowski space. Generation mechanism of cell assembly to store information about hand recognition. Rogue waves on the double-periodic background in the focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Simple complex amplitude encoding of a phase-only hologram using binarized amplitude. Dynamic Characterization of Arrows through Stochastic Perturbation. Nivat's Conjecture, Nonexpansiveness and Periodic Decomposition. Derived length of zero entropy groups acting on projective varieties in arbitrary characteristic -- A remark to a paper of Dinh-Oguiso-Zhang.

Rapid and efficient mass collection by a supersonic cloud-cloud collision as a major mechanism of high-mass star formation. Chandra survey of nearby highly inclined disk galaxies -- V: emission structure and origin of galactic coronae. Symmetry and its breaking in path integral approach to quantum Brownian motion. Sample-specific repetitive learning for photo aesthetic assessment and highlight region extraction. Disentangling the effects of doping, strain and defects in monolayer WS2 by optical spectroscopy.

Towards a model independent extraction of the Boer-Mulders function. An operational test for existence of a consistent increasing quasi-concave value function. Symmetry breaking and entropy production during the evolution of spinor Bose-Einstein condensate driven by coherent atom beam. Eigenvalues of two-state quantum walks induced by the Hadamard walk. Deep UV plasmonic enhancement of single protein autofluorescence in zero-mode waveguides.

A dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemma via improvements to Dirichlet's theorem. Long-range donor-acceptor electron transport mediated by alpha-helices. Rates of convergence in invariance principles for random walks on linear groups via martingale methods. On the illposedness and stability of the relativistic heat equation.

Sub-Riemannian homogeneous geometry. Shortest and straightest geodesics. Periodic asymptotic dynamics of the measure solutions to an equal mitosis equation. Direct n-body simulations of tidal disruption rate evolution in unequal-mass galaxy mergers. Turbulent transport coefficients in galactic dynamo simulations using singular value decomposition. Ferromagnetic resonance with magnetic phase selectivity by means of resonant elastic x-ray scattering on a chiral magnet. Gain-through-filtering enables tuneable frequency comb generation in passive optical resonators.

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