Second-Trimester Abortion: Perspectives After a Decade of Experience

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I felt selfish for not wanting to be a mom. Rachel, 30 West Virginia, I have schizoaffective disorder. The doctor slipped me some cards for clinics in different states. We drove three and a half hours to Maryland so we could get it done in one day and miss less work. Outside, nuns prayed; protesters threw themselves on their knees with holy water. There was a sensation of finally being able to breathe. I had the suction procedure. On a scale of one to ten, the pain was an eight. On the drive home, I was nauseous, had light period bleeding, and we had to stop a few times.

It taught us who our friends are. Kassi, 29 Vermont, My boyfriend and I went to the doctor for an IUD and were told to use condoms until we were together longer. I was sobbing and scared to go into the waiting room. It took my thoughts a little while to catch up with my gut. The clinic near where I lived only provided abortions one day a week, the same day I had four classes in a row.

So I went to a clinic 45 minutes away. The soonest appointment was three weeks later. I wore a black turtleneck and very nice jeans—I wanted to impress the nurses. I think I even mentioned that I was in the honor society! Now I think, Who did I think I was? I had no idea that the average abortion patient is all of us. I was going to a Catholic high school, and in health class we never talked about sex. The scariest part of the whole experience was not having anyone to share it with. I read on the Internet that minors can get a judicial bypass, but I was nervous it would take a long time—when I lay down and sucked in, there was a little bump on my tummy.

Finally, I got up the courage to tell them. Both my parents took me. I was at twenty weeks, just a few days away from being too late. During the ultrasound, the technician told me how big the head was—it was the most scarring thing. The next day, the procedure took fifteen minutes. I slept for the rest of the day. I was grateful my parents were there. I feel bad that it was so far along, developed. In my government class, we spent a whole week on abortion.

It was awful. I was 19, at college in Michigan. When we got to the clinic, the waiting room was full, and I remember thinking, Wow, some of these girls are from school. I paid for it with my tax return, and-something-dollars. I chose to stay awake during the procedure, even though I was afraid of the pain.

The second time, I was 24, living in Atlanta, and into my career. It hit me more emotionally. At first I thought, Well, I love my husband, and we have plenty of money. Pittsburgh has world-class medical centers, but it took a couple of days to get an appointment. Pennsylvania is one of 26 states that require a waiting period between counseling and the procedure. We went back the next day. The staff was great. It felt a lot like a regular checkup but with painful cramping. My insurance covered the whole thing. Michelle, 62 New York, It was November.

At work, a wonderful older guy, a father figure, told me about a doctor on the Upper East Side. That money was very special to me, one of the only things I had from my father, and it made me feel like a criminal that I had to spend that money that way. I was four months pregnant. On the subway ride home, I could feel the blood seeping through my jeans. When I took off my jeans, blood covered my thighs. I realize now that I was in labor. I thought I might die there in my apartment. When I was 17, the toughest part was being asked if I wanted to see the ultrasound.

That was the first time it was really presented to me, real. I went on birth control right after, but it gave me mood swings, made me feel terrible, so after a couple of years I went off it. The second time was harder because I got pregnant with my boyfriend. I took the pill overnight, hunched in bed, cramping unbelievably, and he sat up with me all night. Well, I think he fell asleep once, but I woke him up.

I went to work the next day. I think a lot of girls in my circle look at each other and think no one else has gone through it. It does affect you. Sometimes you regret and sometimes you feel good. You think, The baby would be a year old now. That night, he played Call of Duty, this very gory war game that was his life.

I slept alone. It mattered to me what the father wanted to do. It was an epiphany. I went by myself. I took the first pill and was given a prescription for Vicodin. My friend came to use hers. I told her everything. At her apartment, I was puking and pooping, everything at the same time, delirious, unable to stand up. I left him. I made it to school again.

I rediscovered all these things I like to do. Frances, 18 Texas, Because I was only 16, I needed to go to the court. Everything took about a week. First I went to get an ultrasound—I was nervous, but it was like a usual checkup. I met with a lawyer, and then me, and my lawyer, the judge, and a lady who typed everything sat at a table. It was a little awkward—the judge was an older man.

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After growing up Catholic, I felt really ashamed having to tell him, but I knew what I wanted, and he understood, which was amazing. My boyfriend was a dropout.

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  • After I got approval from the judge, I went to Planned Parenthood with my papers. I was nervous. The worst part was with my boyfriend. He was my first. I woke up in a gurney in the hallway, surrounded by chaos. No one checked on me. About three years later, in L. There was this lightbulb moment when I realized I had health insurance. I respect that it was an emotional experience for him. I never think about the abortions. I end up comforting them. I went directly to the doctor. I was in my gym clothes, obviously distraught. Women with bottles of household disinfectants, sometimes even lye; no need for a hysterectomy, nothing's left to take out.

    Women with bent heads and unbent coathangers, screaming in the night dead at 16, 18, 20, Women for whom the phrase right to life was totally without meaning or substance, who were murdered as surely as putting a gun to their heads by the same sort of blue-nosed and hypocritical element in our society that once again rears its ugly, unfeeling head to laud what might be and to condemn what is. These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of how tenaciously the pro-aborts are hanging onto the myth of thousands of women dying before abortion was legalized.

    They know the truth, of course. It has been explained to them many, many times. And they are smart enough to understand it. The most powerful weapon ever used by pro-abortion strategists is unquestionably their manufactured images of suffering and desperate women being brutalized at the hands of back-alley butchers.

    This weapon was used to legalize abortion, and the pro-aborts are now pulling it out of mothballs in their continuing efforts to keep abortion legal. When the National Abortion Rights Action League perceived a growing threat to "abortion rights" in the mids, it attempted to capitalize on this theme with its so-called "Silent No More" sympathy campaign.

    NARAL hoped to gather thousands of vividly-written stories of women who had had illegal abortions or who knew other women who had done so , and planned to publicize them heavily in order to influence public opinion on abortion. However, despite the fact that it was heavily publicized by all branches of the major media, the "Silent No More" campaign was a resounding flop by any possible standards of measurement. NARAL's made its biggest push for stories in May of , when it advertised heavily among its , members and the public, asking for letters detailing experiences with illegal abortions.

    NARAL proudly claimed that they received "Tens of thousands of letters," but, mysteriously, only 68 were submitted to the Congressional Record for publication on May 22nd, and even these were of poor and frequently even ridiculous quality. Thirty-five years ago I was pregnant my baby had died in 4th month of pregnancy but because of abortion being illegal I couldn't have an abortion I had to carry that dead child for 5 months before I finally aborted it myself.

    I carried that child for 5 agonizing months knowing I was carrying a dead child please legalize abortion it must be pro choice. Anyone who knows anything at all about fetal development or obstetrics will realize that the situation described in the above letter is physically impossible.

    It was revealing to note that most of NARAL's letters were written not by women who were in truly desperate circumstances, but by women who wanted abortion to remain legal for purely selfish reasons of convenience. One typical letter asserted that. My abortion occurred when I was a married adult woman. I simply had not fully dealt with the role of motherhood, and how it might impact upon the rather new career path which I was pursuing.

    Baby Born at 24-Weeks With Feet The Size Of Pennies Beats All Odds

    I was not raped. I do not think I carried a deformed fetus. I was not a teenager. I was simply a woman who believes that her uterus was her own, as was the decision as to when or if it would bear a child. NARAL and other pro-abortion groups sponsored scores of public "readings" all over the country, where women would stand and read their letters of victimization before crowds of weeping sympathizers.

    All of these letters were similar in one critical respect: The 'victim of illegal abortion' was invariably anonymous. When pro-life activists in several cities asked questions about the persons in the letters, they were met with shouts accusing them of "Insensitivity! The pro-abortionists used two anonymous plaintiffs to secure abortion on demand in this country. The stories manufactured by and for these plaintiffs were outright lies. Whenever they initiate litigation to overturn abortion restrictions, pro-aborts also use anonymous plaintiffs, because they cannot produce anyone who is really damaged by the pro-life laws.

    And now, anonymous 'victims' are used in an attempt to curry sympathy with the public in an effort to keep abortion legal. Pro-lifers should not be afraid to challenge these "Silent No More" stories as the lies they most certainly are. Perhaps the most spectacular example of a 'victim' of illegal abortion was provided by a Los Angeles man named Frank Mendiola. Mendiola's extremely graphic "Silent No More" story was a big hit among pro-abortionists, and NARAL even used it as the centerpiece of one of its national fundraising letter.

    This appeal, which was signed by Executive Director Kate Michelman, played on the emotions of readers by listing a cluster of highly suspicious and very anonymous 'victimization' stories, including one that read: "Frank, who wept as he told of his beloved twin sister, who bled to death from an illegal abortion after being brutally raped at the age of Mendiola, a well-known sodomite and pro-abortion activist in the Los Angeles area, had been very much in demand at pro-abortion rallies, where he would read his letter written to President Reagan about how his sister 'Rose Elizabeth' died from a botched illegal abortion.

    Mendiola sobbed about how "She bled to death on a kitchen table. Yes, Mr. President, on a kitchen table. It was not long, however, before Mendiola's story began to come apart at the seams under the glare of publicity surrounding a related matter. According to the December 10, issue of the Los Angeles Times , Mendiola called in numerous bomb threats to clinics, abortionists, and even his own home so that " At his trial, Mendiola was given a one-year suspended sentence because, as the judge put it, he had "good intentions.

    Pro-aborts packed the courtroom in Mendiola's support. I just feel very badly for him. He is a very fine person, and I guess the worst one can say is he is just confused. I'm sure it was [done] with the very best of intentions.

    Further investigation into Mendiola's background revealed that he had been lying about his 'twin sister' dying on a kitchen table, because he had no twin sister in fact, he was an only child! Even when Mendiola was exposed and confronted with his lies, he merely altered his story to say that it actually had happened to a sister's friend, and that "I was her voice. This incident helps illustrate the incredible arrogance of pro-abortionists who will continue to lie like rugs even when they are caught red-tongued, and shows how out of touch with reality they really are.

    Mendiola's bogus story also helps to call into question all of the other pro-abortion propaganda stories of women who died of illegal abortions before the procedure was legalized. It is estimated that at least 95 percent of these "Silent No More" stories are complete fabrications, as proven elsewhere in this chapter. Additionally, this dramatic case confirmed what pro-lifers have asserted for many years: that pro-abortionists threaten and commit violence against their own clinics in order to discredit pro-lifers. In view of recent actions by some pro-abortionists and abortion clinics, perhaps we really shouldn't be too worried about the number of women who will die of illegal abortions if Roe v.

    Wade is overturned. After all, the Neofeminists are so unconcerned that they are trying to turn a fast buck by capitalizing on the misery of women with 'unwanted pregnancies. The following paragraphs highlight just a few instances of how fanatically the abortionists will pursue money, even if women die as a result of their insane greed. Radical Neofeminists have been pushing "self-help" for a long time, and one of the most essential aspects of this program is the ability to self-abort, or be aborted by a friendly lay person.

    The abortion device generally employed in such cases is a homemade suction machine referred to as the "Del-Em," or some variant thereof. The procedure is rather dishonestly referred to as "menstrual extraction" ME so the woman undergoing the process can never really be sure if she is aborting or just "getting rid of her period. One of the most essential aspects of self-abortion is denial, and so the act is predictably surrounded by a luxuriant growth of euphemisms.

    Alternative names for ME include "endometrial extraction," "menstrual shedding," "menstrual induction," and "early uterine evacuation. The September issue of Ms. Magazine and a article in Triumph Magazine describe the character of the developer of the "Del-Em;". His three-page police record includes an arrest for murder in the death of an abortion client and a prison term for illegal abortion and grand theft.

    One of his other abortion arrests was in connection with a West Los Angeles clinic where he was associated with one Dr. John Gwynne. Gwynne has since been convicted of the murder of his nineteen-year-old girlfriend. Pro-abortionists invariably allege that the legalization of abortion completely eliminated "dangerous back-alley abortions. However, illegal abortion networks are still operating for two reasons; because some women prefer to be aborted by friends, no matter what the status of abortion laws are, and because others are 'practicing' for the day when abortion is illegal again.

    A recent article in American Medical News described an illegal 'abortion party' at a woman's house in stomach-wrenching detail. What was so sickening about the article was not the goriness of the abortion which was not mentioned , but the indifferent way in which the snuffing out of a baby's life was treated by all present at the abortion.

    For these women, the abortion was not a thing to be agonized over, not a thing to regret in any way, but instead merely an opportunity to 'share an experience with friends. The article centers around Maria Romero, an unmarried year old woman who has been shacking up with her boyfriend. When asked how she could have become pregnant while using birth control, Romero just shrugged, grinned, and said "Sometimes I'm kind of lazy about using my cervical cap. In a horrible parody of a baby shower, the article describes how friends brought gifts to her home on the appointed abortion day.

    One of the women brought a dozen tiny pink roses. After assembling, the women then chatted and drank cappucino for a while. Finally, they got down to 'business. Despite Romero feeling a little pain, the procedure is described as safe and almost trivial in nature. After the abortion, Martinez said that "There are some people who want to see it so they can see there are no body parts, that it's not a baby," and Romero gushed happily that "I think that it's wonderful to share the [abortion] experience with my friends.

    Cindy Pearson, who has been promoting self-abortion for nearly a decade, enthused that "This is so fun; this is so great, that we can do this ourselves It's just joyful. These very existence of these 'abortion parties' dispels a number of pro-abortion myths; that 'pro-choicers' are morally superior to 'Operation Rescue types' because they respect the law; that they care about women's health; and that abortions are invariably the product of long and painful soul-searching by the aborter. These kits consisted of aquarium tubing, Mason jars, and syringes, and the materials cost about ten dollars.

    Therefore, the FWHCs were making about a percent profit on what they called "menstrual extraction kits. As Lynne Randall, director of the Atlanta FWHC, said: "Since there won't be enough courageous doctors to break the law, this could be the safest illegal abortion possible. The U. Food and Drug Administration promptly shut down the sales by the FWHCs, because they considered the home abortion kits to be deadly dangerous. There is of course no ultrasound performed during ME, even though this is considered standard practice by most experienced abortionists.

    Help Desk/Feedback

    One emergency room physician, commenting on this lack, said that "The existence of an ectopic pregnancy or a [hydatidiform] mole would have disastrous results. But Neofeminists are not the only people who are pushing illegal abortion kits. Various Communist and sodomite groups are joyfully leaping into the fray, as well.

    There is a possibility, even under the Clinton reign, that abortion will be somewhat restricted in the near future, at least in some states. These will be the states where the practice of 'menstrual extraction' will take hold, and these will be the states where unskilled women will butcher themselves and each other with ME devices.

    And these will be the states where those practicing illegal abortion will be the same people who will yell "Look! Women are dying from unsafe, illegal abortions! We must legalize it again! We must ask ourselves and the Neofeminists this question: If they are so worried about women butchering themselves, why are they trying to profit from the misery of these women by selling illegal and dangerous home abortion kits to them at a huge markup? The illegal abortionist has played an essential role in the evolution of modern industrial urban living, with its low birth rates, intensive education, and nuclear family system.

    He or she was classed as a criminal, but without their help, history would have taken a different course. Malcolm Potts. Neofeminists and abortophiles typically get extremely agitated when they describe the "bad old days" before Roe v. They shudder with mock terror as they vividly paint the classic caricature of the filthy invariably male back-alley butcher who terrorized women while taking their last few grocery dollars. The pro-aborts assume the status of "victim" and appeal to everyone's protective instinct by speaking of horribly lacerated women dying by the tens of thousands after undergoing abortions in fleabag motel rooms, in kitchens, and even on the back seats of cars.

    Their imaginations reach full flower when they participate in the periodic "Silent No More" fiction contest, where contestants are urged to write stories about a loved one who supposedly died of illegal abortions before Roe v. What they don't say is that 90 percent of illegal abortions were performed by licensed physicians. Wade received their abortion training not in medical school, but in the same office under semi-clandestine conditions.

    It is very interesting to examine the lavish lifestyle of the illegal abortionists in the so-called "bad old days. The truth is far different from the fiction. Instead of being filthy back-alley butchers, the typical illegal abortionist was a medical doctor practicing in a clean, spacious, antiseptic suite of offices. And, instead of being a caring, sympathetic champion of women's rights, these people were in the abortion business purely to rake in astonishing quantities of money.

    She performed about 40, illegal abortions during the period to in Portland, Oregon, the so-called "Abortion capitol of the Northwest. Neofeminists like to describe some illegal abortionists as caring, sympathetic individuals who risked their careers and livelihoods for a pittance, because they "felt sorry for women in desperate straits," or because they "believed in the cause of women's freedom.

    Strangely, they don't talk about Ruth Barnett, who made an extraordinarily sumptuous living off the misery of women just as many abortionists do today. I make no apologies for earning that kind of money Barnett considered herself to be somewhat of a philanthropist. For example, she used tens of thousands of dollars of her money to reopen the Portland Meadows horse-racing track after the disastrous Vanport Flood of In her book, Barnett describes the lavish lifestyle of another local illegal abortionist, Dr.

    He owned and operated a racing stable, and played an important role in making horse racing a respected activity in Oregon. He was a cultured man. A connoisseur of art, he kept impressive collections of paintings both in his clinic and his home Stewart's [abortion] rooms were beautifully furnished. There were eleven of them and they took up nearly the whole eighth floor of the Broadway Building. His reputation had been flawless and his name was known throughout the Northwest wherever women were in trouble. Barnett's talents were employed on numerous occasions by her only daughter, Margaret St.

    James, who was married 10 times including three times in one year. James boasted that "I married everybody who asked, like throwing cards up in the air.

    NPR Choice page

    If you didn't like how they fell, you got divorced. Because of her promiscuous lifestyle, St. James often employed her mother's "services," and was aborted by her six times. Her mother supported all ten of her ex-husbands, and lavished upon her many costly gifts, including a huge home with full-time cook, housekeeper, nurse and gardener.

    James remembered cardboard boxes stuffed with money scattered around her mother's house. Barnett operated her abortuary freely and openly in Portland for 33 years without being hampered at all by police, who simply winked at her activities. This record was almost doubled by Dr. Albert Littlefield, who ran a high-volume illegal abortion mill in Portland for 65 years without being investigated by the police a single time. There is no doubt at all that, if these abortionists were butchering women, the police would have immediately moved in and closed them down.

    In fact, in her book, Barnett states that "And there is one figure of which I am entirely certain. In all those [40,] abortions over all those years, I never lost a single patient. Barnett also left us a revealing glimpse of her 'front-alley' abortion clinic, which was universe departed from the filthy mills that make up the grist of pro-abortion propaganda;. In the movies, they always depict the fallen woman sneaking up a dirty, rickety stairway to a dismal room or making her way, furtively, into a dark alley that leads to a decrepit shack where some alcoholic doctor or untutored butcher performs the abortion.

    A clinic such as mine was not that way at all. It was a bright, cheerful place where women's problems were handled quickly, efficiently and with dignity, no matter what the circumstances of the patient. Keep in mind that Barnett was not a medical doctor, and that her abortion training consisted solely of performing abortions. Barnett was not the only abortuary operator in the 'Abortion Capital of the Northwest. Finally, in , Barnett was investigated not by the police, but by an ambitious newspaper journalist who was determined to make a name for himself.

    As Detective Barney Shields reminisced, "We never bothered any abortion clinics. Everybody knew of them This kind of statement makes pro-lifers wonder whether the police will enforce the law against illegal abortionists as enthusiastically and brutally as they do against rescuers, should abortion again become illegal. Stories of horrible illegal Mexican abortion mills and drunken, lecherous Mexican abortionists crowd pro-abortion propaganda pulp novels and provide a vivid but fictional portrait of the way things were before Roe v.

    One Zero Population Growth writer describes a report from a young woman who she referred to an abortionist Dr. Ponce in Mexico City:. Things were really good down in Mexico City. Everything happens so fast there is almost an aura of fantasy. The clinic more like a mansion really is very nice and comfortable. They get you up right after and feed you fruit and drink and cookies right away helps take your mind off the cramping. Some of us went sightseeing that afternoon. Mexico City is really nice, and I had no trouble at all with any facet of the journey or my stay there.

    Related Topics Include:

    This description of Mexican abortion mills is obviously far more accurate than the popular vision that has been foisted off on the public for many years. This is due to several reasons;. Think of how difficult it would have been for an average woman to make such a connection.

    Obviously, pro-abortion organizations acted like "funnels" by referring women to the illegal Mexican abortion mills. They operated sub rosa referral centers and even, in some cases, ran bus lines to abortion mills in Juarez and Tiujuana. They often boast about such activities today. As far as the caricatures of illegal abortionists are concerned, Ruth Barnett is certainly closer to the reality than some filthy, lecherous Mexican butcher.

    And Barnett's story is remarkably similar to those spun by many of today's big-name legal abortionists, who killed thousands of babies in surroundings of tasteful splendor long before Roe v.

    Just a women’s issue? Eight men discuss how abortion has impacted their lives

    It is conservatively estimated that , women worldwide die every year from abortions that are illegal and unsafe. Here at home, where it is safe and legal, abortion is twice as safe as tonsillectomy and ten times safer than appendectomy Pro-aborts all the world over are stamped from the same rotten mold, regardless of gender, skin color, or nationality. Their most outstanding characteristic is that they are all born liars. The argument that abortion should be legalized to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women has been used all over the world.

    It is easy to add together the pro-abort's figures for deaths due to illegal abortions in each country all over the world to arrive at their total number of worldwide deaths caused by illegal abortions. These figures would include current numbers in countries where abortion is now illegal, and pre-legalization figures in countries where abortion is now legal.

    The total number of deaths we would arrive at would be more than two million , which would make illegal abortion the number one cause of death among women of childbearing age on this planet. Currently, now that abortion is legal in countries that contain 70 percent of the world's population, the figure used by pro-aborts is anywhere from , to 1,, annual illegal abortion deaths. Let us perform a few simple calculations.


    We will make two assumptions favorable to the abortionists;. This results in a figure of maternal deaths per million illegal abortions. There are currently about 55 million abortions committed annually on a worldwide basis. Seventy percent of the world's women live in countries where abortion is totally legal, or where there are so many proliferating exceptions that the practical result is abortion on demand. These 77 countries have a total population of 3.

    It should be noted that five countries that contain half of the world's population China, India, the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union , have abortion on demand, and commit about 30 million abortions every year. The result is that a total of about six thousand women die annually of illegal abortions on a worldwide basis not the , to one million that the pro-aborts claim!

    A summary of pro-abortion lies regarding maternal deaths due to illegal abortions in various countries is shown below. It is interesting to note that the pro-abort's claimed figure for abortion deaths in each case equals or exceeds the total number of female deaths for all causes including all accidents and all diseases! This obviously means that they not only lack integrity but common sense as well. The only reason that these lies work is that the pro-abortion press mindlessly accepts everything the baby-killers say. And, unfortunately, most members of the public assume that everything that the press dishes out is truthful.

    Most Americans don’t want to ban abortion outright

    The World Health Organization has claimed that , women die from illegal abortions each year, and from 6,, to 8,, more "suffer serious, often lifelong health problems. Some pro-abortion African medical professionals claim that as many as 74, African women die of illegal abortions each year. And pro-aborts from India say that the total number of women dying of illegal abortions before legalization was an incredible , annually. When it was pointed out that this number exceeded the total number of women of childbearing age dying from all causes annually in the country, the pro-aborts continued to stick with their figure.

    The IBGE figures were confirmed by World Health Organization statistics showing that 41, Brazilian women between the ages of 15 and 41 died in and, of these, died of complications due to both legal and illegal abortions. By the way, Etienne-Emile Baulieu, the inventor of the death pill RU, also estimates that , women die of illegal abortions annually in the entire world. This is another prime example of the pro-abortion 'pick a number' game. For more detailed information on the status of abortion all over the world, see Chapter 57, "International Abortion Situation.

    Pro-abortionists also routinely lie about the number of illegal abortions obtained by women so that they can say that since there are so many of them, the procedure might as well be legal. In Spain, the Neofeminists stated as fact that there were , abortions per year before legalization. The annual number of abortions performed after legalization was about 35, Therefore, the pro-aborts are expecting us to believe that the number of abortions declined by 88 percent because of legalization! In the United States, the favorite figure quoted by pro-aborts was one million illegal abortions per year.

    In the first full year after abortion was legalized, there were a total of , legal abortions. Does it make sense that the number of abortions would drop after legalization? A summary of pro-abortion exaggerations regarding the number of illegal abortions is shown below. Pro-life activists routinely display graphic pictures of aborted babies.

    The pro-abort comeback to this tactic is to wave around photographs of nude women who have supposedly butchered themselves through self-inflicted abortions. These usually feature unclothed women in fetal positions on a blood-soaked carpet, with the instruments of their 'demise' in obvious view. The surgical "instrument" is invariably either a carefully displayed coat hanger, knitting needle, or bottle of lye skillfully placed so the large-print label can be read by the viewer.

    Curiously, identical pictures in different publications refer to different names, times, places of death, and method of illegal abortion. All of these pictures are supposedly extracted from the files of medical examiners but what reputable medical examiner would release photos of murders or suicides to the general public? We obviously should give this pictorial 'evidence' about as much credence as the pro-abort's tearjerker "Silent No More" fiction competition, sponsored by national pro-abortion groups to emphasize the "dangers of illegal abortion. Whenever the story-tellers are asked for further details, they cleverly say that they don't want to compromise the dead person's privacy as if a dead person cares a whole lot about her privacy.

    In those few cases were details can be checked, as in the case of Frank Mendiola's nonexistent sister, the stories invariably turn out to be lies. The same holds true for photographs of women supposedly killed by illegal abortions. No pro-abortion group has ever provided adequate documentation for even one of these photographs. And yet, these people, who so casually lie about literally every aspect of abortion, will become indignant indeed if their documentation is questioned.

    The races of 97 of the women listed in Figure has been identified by the accompanying references. Of these 97, 47 were Black, 15 were Latinas, 4 were Oriental, and 31 were White. This means that 68 percent of all known legal abortion deaths where the race of the victim has been known have occurred among minority women.

    By comparison, Chapter 78, "The Racism of Abortion," shows that minority women obtain only This means that the death rate among minority women who obtains abortions is three times higher than that of White women who abort. The deaths that occur among minority women seem to be concentrated among high-volume abortion mills purposely located in poorer urban areas by population controllers.

    For example, 32 of the abortion deaths listed in Figure have occurred in Los Angeles, a rate five times higher than the nation as a whole. Chapter 78, "The Racism of Abortion," shows how abortion clinics are concentrated in cities that have high minority populations. This is yet another indicator of the extreme degree of racism that is literally inseparable from the so-called "pro-choice" philosophy. The death rate among poor minority women may be even higher than estimated, because such women have been effectively disenfranchised from the 'system' and do not trust attorneys and anything to do with litigation, for good reason.

    Belinda Byrd, a year old Black woman, had required Cesarian sections for each of her previous three children. When she went to abortionist Steven Pine on January 24, , at 19 weeks gestation, she weighed only 95 pounds. Pine was a very busy baby-killer. In fact, Belinda Byrd's baby was the 74th to die at his hands that day! He perforated her uterus and she died three days later.

    As a partial result of this botched abortion, the Inglewood Women's Hospital had its license revoked by the State of California and closed down. However, money is a great motivator, and it opened only two weeks later with a different name: The West Coast Women's Medical Group. It was subsequently bought by mega-abortionist Edward Allred who has also killed several women , and still functions to this day.

    I cry every day when I think of how horrible her death was. She was slashed by them and then she bled to death A report to the Victoria state parliament recommends three possible models for decriminalisation, up for a vote in The grounds include grave risk to the physical or mental health of the woman in her actual or foreseeable environment, as when pregnancy results from contraceptive failure, or on humanitarian grounds, or if pregnancy results from a sex crime such as rape or intercourse with a mentally-challenged woman, or on eugenic grounds, where there is reason to suspect substantial risk that the child, if born, would suffer from deformity or disease Hirve, Many of the generation of countries who reformed their laws after about have been less progressive.

    All of the countries and the city in this group currently allow abortion on request up to 10, 12 and in a few cases 14 weeks of pregnancy. After that, the grounds become far more restrictive. In Cambodia, under a law whose aim was to reduce maternal deaths from unsafe abortions and contribute to fertility control, a woman may obtain an abortion on request during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. In these cases, the abortion must be approved by a group of two or three medical personnel UNPD, In some cases, e.

    Portugal and Mexico City, they were legislating changes in a context in which abortion was so contested that advocates felt they could only go so far and still hope to succeed. Thereafter, abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks only if there are sound reasons for assuming that the child will suffer from a serious incurable disease or congenital malformation in the case of non-viable fetuses, termination may be performed at any time , or if abortion is the only way to avert risk of death or grave and irreversible damage to physical or mental health of the woman WHO, Abortions of 10—12 weeks require examination by a gynecologist and counseling from a social worker.

    Women under 18 years of age must have parental consent and those under 16 require authorization by a medical committee. For second trimester abortion, in addition to the conditions for first trimester procedures, the abortion must be authorized by a committee of obstetricians, psychologists and social workers UNPD, Before that, women had to obtain a second medical opinion confirming that their physical, mental or socio-medical health was at risk because of the pregnancy, without any upper time limit.

    In , the percentage of abortions above 12 weeks was only 3. It has always been difficult to obtain an abortion after 12—14 weeks in Switzerland, even before the new legislation and without an upper time limit. The law was simply interpreted more restrictively in the second trimester. Women without a compelling medical or socio-medical reason e. A large question in relation to these new laws, however, is whether or not, since their passage, more women have access to a safe second trimester abortion than before they were passed.

    Burkina Faso, for example, attached the following conditions to its law: voluntary interruption of pregnancy is allowed at all times during pregnancy if two physicians attest that the continuance of the pregnancy endangers the health of the woman or that a strong possibility exists that the unborn child will be afflicted with a condition of exceptional seriousness recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis.

    Moreover, in a case of rape or incest established by the State prosecutor, a woman is authorized to request a physician to perform an abortion during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy UNPD, With limited access to one doctor, let alone two, limited access to facilities for diagnosis of fetal anomalies, and even less chance of proving rape or incest within a ten-week window, these conditions are not likely to lead to legal abortions, let alone second trimester ones. Women who cannot obtain an illegal abortion are forced to continue the pregnancy and deliver the baby, even if it will certainly die soon after birth, such as with anencephaly.

    However, women carrying a fetus diagnosed with anencephaly felt it was embarrassing and humiliating to have to go to court during such a painful time Ferreira da Costa et al. A temporary Ministerial order in granted authorization of all pregnancy terminations in cases of anencephaly until such time as the law could be changed Freitas, , only to rescind the order three months later. The Brazilian Supreme Court will be taking up a case on anencephaly again in August to re-review this decision.

    The presiding judge, Marco Aurelio, is quoted as saying he believes anencephaly falls under therapeutic abortion because the fetus is not viable outside of the uterus IPAS, Debora Diniz from Brazil recommended that in cases of fetal anomaly incompatible with life, termination should be classified as therapeutic premature delivery, not as induced abortion, legally or medically, so that it is not regulated under abortion law Diniz, It would be far preferable, however, if abortion laws did not create barriers in these cases.

    At least , Irish women have travelled to England and Wales to date to have abortions since Department of Health, The number of women travelling to Britain declined from 56, in to 9, in Department of Health, , and the number visiting the Netherlands for abortion also decreased, from 10, in to about 4, in Gevers, Since more countries made abortion legal and accessible in the first trimester, most women are now travelling for second trimester procedures. They and women who are 20—24 weeks usually go to the Netherlands or Britain and to Spain after 24 weeks, through clinic referrals.

    Those who travel to Spain at 25—28 weeks are a handful each year but a very vulnerable group. They are probably also going to other Eastern European countries Ukraine, Lithuania if they live close to the border and have connections in those countries Wanda Nowicka, personal communication, October The numbers seeking second trimester abortion are unknown. Late second trimester abortion suddenly hit the news in November and December after police raided several Barcelona clinics accused by an anti-abortion group of carrying out late second trimester abortions illegally.

    Some of the patients were believed to have been from other European countries. Several doctors and clinic staff were detained, two Madrid clinics were closed and about 40 patients came under investigation. The events prompted a wave of minor attacks, such as phone threats or smashed windows, against abortion clinics Deutsche Presse Agentur, In response, 40 abortion clinics all over Spain staged an unprecedented strike in January , supported by feminist and other groups.

    The situation exposed ambiguities in the interpretation of the health grounds in the law, particularly mental health grounds, and the Socialist Prime Minister Zapatero pledged to carry out reforms after he was re-elected in March In April , it was reported that charges against 21 women accused of having illegal abortions had been dropped because the women had acted with the conviction that they were not violating the law El Periodico , Though legal under Spanish law, the abortion would have been illegal under Dutch law, and the Dutch clinic where she first sought help was also investigated, as it was alleged that they had referred her — quite legally if they did so — to Spain.

    The woman was not permitted to speak to anyone except her solicitor, and not released from prison for four weeks. It later emerged that she had told her partner she had had a stillbirth. He became suspicious and informed the police Associated Press, ; Radio Netherlands, Both the Spanish and Dutch cases remain to be resolved at this writing.

    They signal that even in countries where late abortions have been legal for a quarter of a century and widely accepted, anti-abortion agitation can disrupt lives and threaten the provision of services literally overnight, as also happened in Poland. It is primarily in the clinical literature on abortion methods and data on maternal mortality that length of pregnancy is a central factor. Second trimester abortion has become a popular target of anti-abortion campaigners. Because of the ambivalence of many people who are otherwise pro-choice with regard to early abortions, second trimester abortion has been relatively neglected in progressive abortion law reform in recent years, including in countries where first trimester abortion is available on broad grounds or on request.

    Where abortion remains legally restricted, the higher risk to the health and lives of women forced to seek unsafe second trimester procedures or travel to other countries for abortion has mostly been hidden or ignored. These are some of the many indications of the stigma attached to second trimester abortion. It is time for the restrictive nature of most second trimester abortions laws to be challenged.